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09 July 2011 @ 05:32 pm
Title: Unexplained Feelings
Author: lostinlife191
Pairings: Ville/Bam, Ryan/Linde, MOC/Jonne or MOC/Jim Dechamp (I don't know who I want with my MOC yet).
Rating: R (Language and possible sexual situations, but mainly language).
Summary: Dunn didn't know how it happened. Everything had started to go downhill when Bam decided to marry Missy, but now that she was gone everything had hit rock bottom. Now he was living with his, almost always, drunk best friend and finding that life could really suck sometimes, but he was also learning that there always seemed to be a silver lining.
Warnings: Language; Slash.
Disclaimer: This is about as true as the fact that, in Kenya, they knock on Monkeys instead of Wood.
AN: I'm really new to this whole LJ thing, so please help me out whenever I do something wrong. Also, this is posted on Mibba, under the same name, because I find posting on Mibba easier than LJ. Any criticism is constructive criticism.

R.I.P. Ryan Dunn ~ Forever an Inspiration

Chapter 7 

When Max woke up, he felt groggy. Groggy. That was all he felt. There was no more headache or any other pain. He lied in bed for a few moments, he hands clasped together, thanking all of the Gods that he could think off. Only when his stomach growled did he bother getting up. A washcloth fell off his head when he sat up and he smiled, playing with the edges lightly. He remembered Ville taking care of him until he fell asleep last night.

Pulling on clean sweatpants, a white tank top, and a beanie over his unruly hair, he lit up a cigarette, while walking down to the pirate bar. He smiled slightly when he saw Linde and Ryan sleeping on the couch. They’re cute, he thought. Walking to the fridge, he pulled out a Mountain Dew and an apple before heading upstairs to shower get dressed in better looking clothes, so that he could head to work.


“Do you like My Chemical Romance?”

Max sighed at the question. Ever since that day that Bam and Ryan had visited him at work, girls had been visiting him every day, during their lunch at school, in hopes that they would come back. To kill the time, they asked him random pointless questions.

“Uh… I guess they’re okay… I don’t listen to them too much, but when I do I usually enjoy it.” He answered. The girl looked satisfied with this answer and went to sit down in one of the waiting chairs. It was a couple minutes before another girl gathered the courage to walk up and ask him a question, but this one caught his attention.

“Do you think Ville Valo looks like William Beckett?”

“Who’s William Beckett?” Max asked. He’d never heard of this guy before.

“He’s the lead singer of the band The Academy Is… I think that he and Ville kind of look alike.”

Max quickly pulled up Google images and searched William Beckett on his laptop. “This guy?” He turned the screen to show the girl.

“Yeah, that’s him.” Max turned the screen back, so that he could look at this new kid.

“Sure… I guess you could say they kind of look alike. Ville’s hotter, though.” He added as an afterthought before clamping his mouth shut. Fuck , probably shouldn’t have said that. But instead of getting weird looks, he got a bunch of coos and awws and agreements. “So, it The Academy Is… any good?”

“They’re okay if you like the kind of music they play… It’s kind of hard to understand. Youtube ‘The Academy Is… Checkmarks.’ That’s probably one of their best. They’re older stuff seemed a lot better than the new stuff.” She shrugged.

“Okay,” he nodded. “Hey, don’t you guys have to be back in like, well… now, actually?” He asked, checking the clock. He had learned their schedule by now. They all jumped up and practically ran out of the hair salon. It took at least five minutes to get to the school if you were walking. Max smiled, at peace again, because he was alone. Well, not really alone, because April and Maggie were cutting hair in the back, but that was close enough to alone.

Searching on youtube for ‘Checkmarks’ by The Academy Is…, Max selected the first video that came up, figuring that it was the official video. His figuring was correct and he stared at the somewhat crazy acting band and the kind of sexy William Beckett… oh boy.


Bam was awoken by the sound of voices coming into the cave. He tried to get up, but found that his legs were tangled with another’s and that that other had an arm draped across his naked chest, holding him down. Light brown curls tickled his nose and he realized that it was Ville who was practically draped across him.

Bam looked over at the entrance when he heard the voices stop talking and saw Dunn and Linde observing him and Ville. Bam motioned for them to be quiet, with the hand that wasn’t under Ville’s body. They nodded and walked out of the cave and back up to the pirate bar, leaving Bam alone with Ville.


Jonne groaned and rolled over, covering his head with his pillow. Fucking doorbell, he cursed. “Vittu!” He cursed aloud when the doorbell rang again. Apparently, no one else was going to get it and the only way to apparently get it to stop ringing and making his head hurt, he had to get up and answer the door.

Rolling out of his bed, he made sure he was actually covered by clothes and headed down to the second story, where the front door was. Opening it, he got ready to curse out the person pressing down on the doorbell, but was stopped in shock when he saw the person behind the action. From the brunette curls just poking out of a baseball cap, the blue eyes peeking out from underneath dark lashes, the shirt advertising some company he didn’t know, the ripped up jeans, to the banged up sneakers that advertised the same company as his shirt, Jonne decided that the man was beautiful. Needless to say, he was standing there speechless, staring at the man.

“Hi.” Jonne finally pulled it together to say one word.

“Hi, is Bam here?” The male asked, in a quirky, but cute voice that had Jonne speechless again. He nodded in response, letting the male in. Jonne was surprised when another male followed the gorgeous one in, but he recognized this one. He had been one of the guys that had been there yesterday. Jim, he recalled the guy’s name. He waved at Jim.

“I don’t exactly know where Bam is at the moment, but I guess the best guess is the pirate bar.” Jonne said. “I can find him for you, if you want or you guys can search for him…” His fingers reached for a strand of his hair, twirling the hair between them.

“How about both? I’m sure you know the house better than Jim and I and we’d like to surprise him… well, at least I would, Jim was going to come back anyways,” he smirked at his friend. “He’s found a love interest.” He whispered.

Jim punched him in the shoulder, muttering: “Ass.” The other laughed, rubbing his arm. Jonne winced, that had to hurt.

“I’m Travis by the way.” He did have a name. Jonne was starting to get worried.

“Jonne.” Travis raised his eyebrow questioningly, that was a weird name to him. “I’m from Finland.” Jonne knew the questioning eyebrow rise by heart. He got it a lot.

“Oh, you’re one of the guys from the bands that Bam likes.” Jonne nodded.

“Yeah, I’m the singer of Negative. Anyways, I guess we should go find Bam.” He headed down to the pirate bar, not really wanting to talk about Negative. “Linde, Dunn, hey.” He waved at the two sitting at the counter. “What are you guys doing up?”

“Max woke us when he came down this morning for his morning Mountain Dew and apple.” Dunn stated. “That kid, I swear to God. He lives on nothing.”

“He’s had practice.” Jonne responded, Linde nodding. Dunn looked at the two weird. As far as he knew, they had only met him yesterday, but they were acting like they’d known him for, a while. Weird. “Do you know where Bam is? Travis and Jim are here.” Jonne gestured to the two, causing Dunn and Linde to notice them.

“Hey Pastrana. Thought you weren’t coming. Dechamp, weren’t you going home?” Dunn asked looking at the two.

“Jim here has a new love interest in one of the guys shacking up here and what kind of friend would I be if I didn’t come and see you guys? I just had to do some MotoCross stuff.” Travis shrugged. “The others still have more stunts to do and we wanted to come without everyone else.”

“Who are you crushing on, Jim?” Dunn asked, looking at him. The taller male looked down at the ground and Dunn was shocked. Jim had never been one to be shy, sure he never really brought himself to be the center of attention, but he wasn’t shy.

“He’s totally crushing on Max.” Bam said walking up behind everyone, Ville following him, dragging his feet. The other’s looked to Jim for a response and the flushing of his cheeks told everyone the answer. “Where is Max anyways?”

“Work, dumbass.” Dunn stated. “Unlike all of us, he actually
does that.”

“Oh… yeah. That sucks… I was gonna make him eat.” Dunn looked at him weird.

“Eat what? Dude, we own no food.”

“Oh… well… I’m going to go sleep… on my bed...” Bam decided. “Want to come, Ville?” The brunette nodded, following Bam up the stairs sleepily. “By the way,” Bam called. “Freddie and Miles are coming sometime later.”

“I feel like we’ve just been ditched.” Jonne stated, the rest of the room nodding in agreement with the statement.

“They did not just go upstairs to fuck… did they?” Dunn asked, shocking everyone and when they heard a moan from only one level above them instead of two, they decided that it was a really nice day out.


“Thanks for fitting me in today, Maggie.” Max said brushing his fingers through his now brown again locks before slipping his usual beanie on top of his head.

“It’s no problem, honey. I was actually surprised you lasted as long as you did. Usually, you change back to your normal hair color a week or two after, not a month.” She laughed.

“Yeah, I dunno. I think I was just testing myself.” To be honest, he really couldn’t stand a change in himself for usually longer than a week or two, it was this weird quirk of his that he and no one else understood. He shrugged. “I’m going to head back to Bam’s. I’ll see you on Thursday.” He had Wednesday, tomorrow, off. He waved before going to the front to get his stuff from underneath the desk.

He had his things relatively quickly and was headed to the front door when he saw two people that he wished to never see again walking towards the building. For seconds, he was a deer caught in headlights, but he ran off to the back entrance, waving good-bye once more, pretending he had parked in the back and forgotten. He got waves and laughs from April and Maggie. Exiting the salon, he walked around the side of the building until he was at the front corner, looking around the corner, he saw that Freddie and Miles were in the salon, talking to April.

“Shit.” He cursed before running to the red Hummer. Quickly getting in, he reversed out of his parking spot and flew out of the parking lot. He saw April trying to get his attention, but pretended that he didn’t. He needed this extra time.


He reached Castle Bam quickly, speeding down the empty back roads of West Chester. Punching in the code, he drove through as soon as the gate was open enough to let him in. He had maybe fifteen minutes and a lot to do in that time slot.

“Max!” Jim called when he saw him rushing into the house. He and Linde had come inside to see if everything was clear and to get a drink. The others were on the balcony and lounging around the pool.

“Hey.” He stopped. It might be inconvenient, but he really liked Jim and didn’t want to leave him hanging. Then he spotted Linde. This was good. He would need to tell at least one Finn where he had gone and maybe he could stay with Jim for a little bit. “Can you guys come with me? As fast as you can?” Linde nodded, he knew what this was. Max was running away again and if Max wanted Jim to know, than Jim was important, so he pulled the taller male behind him as he followed Max to his room.

Max immediately began to throw stuff into his duffel bag. “Linde, can you do this for me, so I can tell Jim what’s going on?” Linde nodded and started to throw the clothes littering the ground into Max’s bag, going into the bathroom and doing the same.

“Jim. Okay, I know this is weird, but I need you to know that I really like you. Not only are you aesthetically pleasing, but from that one conversation we had, I can feel that we’ll get along great and maybe we could be in a relationship together.” He paused for a moment. “Wow, that sounds really bad, but it’s true. I’d really like to be in a relationship with you, but I have to leave now. Two people are coming here, relatively soon, and I have to be gone. I’m bad for them and my running away is just because I’m trying to help them. I don’t want to seem like I’m taking advantage of you, but can I maybe go to your house?

“I’m taking Bam’s car. He gave me his Hummer, signed it over to me, and put me on his insurance. But I have nowhere to go. Can I please stay at your house? Where ever you live?” Jim was looking at Max in shock. He had spoken so fast that Jim hadn’t clearly taken in everything, but he had heard that Max wanted to try a relationship with him and that he needed somewhere to stay.

“You can stay at my place. Here,” Jim took the key out of his pocket and gave it to Max. “I can text you my address and I’m sure that the Hummer or your phone has GPS.” Max nodded, pulling Jim into a huge hug.

“Thank you so much!” He pressed a chaste kiss to Jim’s lips. “Hey, Linde!” Linde came out of the bathroom where he had been grabbing the rest of Max’s stuff. “Can I have your phone?” Linde nodded and handed it over, picking up the rest of Max’s things of the bedside tables and the pillow, blanket, and book off the bed. Linde exchanged the bag for Max’s phone. He stuck it in his pocket and followed Max and Jim out of the room, shutting the door behind him. Jim was giving Max his phone number while they ran out the front door and around to the garage to avoid the pool. Max ran and got into the backseat of the Hummer, motioning for Linde and Jim to climb in behind him and they did, closing the door behind him.

“I’m going to wait for them to get here before I leave, but I need to write a letter to some people.” They nodded. He pulled out his journal and started to write quickly. Linde watched as the PT Loser pulled up next to them, out walked April, a curly-haired, redhead, and a curly-haired strawberry blond male.

“Are those them, Maxxie?” Linde asked. He looked up at them, his face softening when he saw them together and their clasped pinky fingers as April led them to the pool area where the others were.

“Yes.” His face hardened again and he continued to write.

Jim studied them. He was confused. Were his ex-boyfriends together? Were his ex-boyfriends really that mean that they would get together after they had broken up with Max?

“Okay. Here.” Max ripped out the sheet of paper and folded it up giving it to Linde. “Thank you, Linde.” He kissed the blonde on the cheek. “It’s time for me to go now.” Linde opened the door and got out of the car, followed by Jim, and then Max. Linde walked off and Jim started to follow him, but Max stopped him. Jim turned and looked at him.

“I’m really not trying to use you. Please believe me when I say that. I’m going to go to your house and wait for you and when you get there, can we go out? On a date?” Max asked sounding and feeling more insecure than he’d been in a long time.

Jim nodded. “Yeah. That’d be nice.”

“Awesome.” Max smiled, pressing a kiss to Jim’s lips, this one harder than the last, but still chaste. He climbed into the driver’s seat of the Hummer and pulled out of the driveway, waving at Jim as he went, watching in his rear-view mirror as Jim walked to the pool area.

AN:  There goes Max, uh oh.
Anyways, has anyone seen Doctor Who?  And I was thinking about writing a Vam that's basically Doctor Who with different characters...  And if you haven't see Doctor Who, I totally suggest it.  It's a British Sci-Fi that's been around since the 60s, but it went on a hiatus and is now back.  It started back up in 2005 and now there are six seasons.  The first five are on Netflix if you have an account.
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05 July 2011 @ 02:21 pm
  Title: Unexplained Feelings
Author: lostinlife191
Pairings: Ville/Bam, Ryan/Linde, MOC/Jonne or MOC/Jim Dechamp (I don't know who I want with my MOC yet).
Rating: R (Language and possible sexual situations, but mainly language).
Summary: Dunn didn't know how it happened. Everything had started to go downhill when Bam decided to marry Missy, but now that she was gone everything had hit rock bottom. Now he was living with his, almost always, drunk best friend and finding that life could really suck sometimes, but he was also learning that there always seemed to be a silver lining.
Warnings: Language; Slash.
Disclaimer: This is about as true as the fact that, in Kenya, they knock on Monkeys instead of Wood.
AN: I'm really new to this whole LJ thing, so please help me out whenever I do something wrong. Also, this is posted on Mibba, under the same name, because I find posting on Mibba easier than LJ. Any criticism is constructive criticism.

R.I.P. Ryan Dunn ~ Forever an Inspiration

Chapter 6

Max searched through his duffel bag for something warm. He was cold even though it was almost eighty degrees outside. Fuck, he thought. I’m probably getting a cold. Pulling a pair of baggy jeans, he walked into Bam’s room, searching for something warm to wear. Walking into the closet, he saw one of Bam’s Element hoodies. He pulled it on, thanking God that it was warm.

Walking out of Castle Bam and to Bam’s Skate Playground, as Max liked to call it, he watched as Jim rode his bike around the ramps. Max hung around the edge waiting for Bam to notice him. When he did, Bam jumped from where he was a slid down the death ramp on his side.

“Holy shit. That looked like it hurt.” Max stated climbing onto the ramp and coming to stand next to Bam’s body that was lying on the bottom of the ramp. “That so definitely hurt. Hope you don’t mind, I borrowed one of your hoodies”

“Nah, I could never mind. But aren’t you hot?” Max shook his head.

“I think I’m coming down with a cold because I’m not warm.” Bam nodded, getting up and placing his hand on Max’s forehead.

“Dude, you totally have a fever.” Bam looked worried, but Max waved it off.

“I’m fine. I’ll take some medicine. When am I supposed to pick up Ville, Linde, and Jonne?”

“In like an hour. You should probably go. Oh, shit! I was going to make you signs! Be back in a minute, guys!” He yelled at Nitro Circus before running back to the house, pulling Max with him. Jim’s eyes followed the two.

“Dunn! Where are you?” Bam yelled into the house as he ran in, pulling Max down to the Pirate Bar.

“Right here, Bam.” Dunn was sitting at the Pirate Bar counter, his head resting in his hands. He had such a killer hangover. “Can you not yell for a couple of minutes?”

Bam laughed at the sight of his poor friend. “Sure man. I’ll make you a hangover cure in a second, but first we have to make signs.”

“Why are we making signs?”

“So Ville and Linde and Jonne know to go with Max!” Dunn clutched his ears again. He couldn’t understand how Bam could be so awake and alert; he’d had more to drink than Dunn had. Stupid Margeras, he cursed.

“Ok,” he took the paper that Bam was shoving at him. “What should I right?”

“Just like ‘Dunn’s Bitch’ or something like that.” Ryan nodded and started to work on his sign.

Minutes later, Dunn handed his sign to Max. The blackette laughed when he read the simple “King of Rock n’ Roll aka Linde” on the sign. He recognized it as the title of the Daniel Lioneye album. It took Bam five more minutes to finish his sign, but when he handed it to Max, the blackette saw that it not only read “Bam’s Bitch aka Willa Walo,” but it also had a unicorn and a heartagram on it. He shook his head; oh Bam.

“What about Jonne?” Max raised an eyebrow when Bam and Dunn shared a look, both writing all over the next piece of paper.

Max took this sign when it was handed to him and raised his eyebrow, if possible, even higher. This sign read “Sparkle,” “Pixie,” “Horny Bitch,” and it was covered with stars.

“You guys need help.” Max laughed at them. “Okay, I’m gonna go.” He grabbed his iPod, phone, wallet, and the keys to the red Hummer.

“Here.” Bam grabbed him a water bottle from the fridge. “Knowing you, you’ll get thirsty.” Max smiled.

“Thanks.” He kissed Bam and Dunn on the cheek. “See you in a little bit.”


Max walked into the pick-up area at the airport. There were a bunch of people milling around and that made him a little bit uncomfortable, so he walked to the edge of the crowd and held the signs, up over his face, Bam and Dunn had made, only when he saw a crowd of people coming through. He observed the three Finns, from behind the signs, as they stood off to the side, watching people from the crowd help others with their bags, soon they were left with Max and a couple of other people. Jonne was the first to notice him. He got Ville’s and Linde’s attention, pulling them over to Max.

“Are you Max?” Ville asked.

“Hei.” Max stated, with a perfect Finnish accent, removing the signs from in front of his face.

“Max!” Jonne exclaimed, staring at Max in shock before hugging him tightly. Max hugged back just as tight. Soon Jonne was pushed aside though and Linde replaced him, before Ville came and replaced Linde.

“When Bam said a Max was picking us up, I thought that the possibility of that Max being you was so small that there wasn’t even a chance, but here you are.” Ville laughed. “You show up in the weirdest of places.”

“I think it’s an art form that I’ve perfected over the years.” Max laughed with him.

“Let’s get out of here. I need a smoke.” Ville stated, already pulling the cigarettes from his pocket.

Max helped them pick up their bags, carrying them to the red Hummer.

“He even let’s you drive the Hummer?” Ville sounded impressed.

“We bonded when we washed it, intoxicated, at three o’clock in the morning in forty degree weather.” Max shrugged. Ville nodded, this seemed a good enough answer. Both Bam and Max were crazy, so he could see them bonding like that.

“What are you doing in the States? I thought you were in Germany.” Jonne asked from the back seat of the Hummer. Linde was sitting next to him. Ville had taken the passenger seat. Ville had immediately turned the stereo off when he heard his voice playing over the speakers.

“The skiing in Germany sucked, so I flew back to the States to try and get some good snow in Utah, but I ended up stuck in Philly because I didn’t have enough money to get to Utah or Colorado, where I have people I can stay with. I called up my ex, told him I wanted to rekindle our relationship and get him to take me in.”

“So how’d you end up at Bam’s?” Linde asked.

“I got a job at the salon that his mom works at when Lex first took me in. Eventually, Lex broke up with me again, which didn’t bother me, but I didn’t have anywhere else to stay, so I went to work, bumping into Missy, Bam’s ex-wife on the way. Ryan Dunn saved me from her and then followed me to the salon. April told me that Bam had extra space and Dunn said that he’d talk Bam into letting me stay there. It just all worked out and I ended up there.”

“That’s awesome.” Jonne was bouncing in his seat. “So how’s everything going for you, relationship wise? You said that Lex guy broke up with you, but have you met anyone else?”

“Nah, but I’m not really looking either. I just want to make enough money, so that I can head out to Chile over the summer.”

“How long has it been since you last went skiing?” Ville asked.

“Almost a year.”

“Wow.” They knew that he always had a problem with staying in one place too long and the face that he hadn’t been skiing in so long was shocking.

“Yeah, but enough about me. my life’s boring. How’s H.I.M. and Negative? I haven’t heard much about you guys for a while.”

“H.I.M.’s on a hiatus.” Linde informed him. “Ville’s been having a rough time figuring out lyrics for the next album and since we base the music off the lyrics we can’t really do much.”

Max looked at Ville and could see that he wasn’t happy with the fact that he was having a hard time. He’s probably freaking himself out, telling himself that he can’t write anymore and this is the end of his career, Max thought. He grabbed Ville’s hand and held it in his, trying to comfort the older man.

“Negative’s having a problem with their arrogant bassist.” Jonne spoke about his band.

“That sucks, man. What’s going on?”

“We think he’s gotten into some heavy drugs.”

“Well, fucking shit, that sucks.” Max wracked his brain for another question. “Jonne, why did Bam and Dunn write ‘Horny Bitch’ on your sign? I mean, I think you’re the horniest person I know, but still.”

Jonne smirked. “I might’ve attempted a threesome with them once when I was drunk.” This caused Max to burst out in laughter.

“Oh my God, you’re horrible.”

“I know.” He shrugged. “What can you do?” Max left it at that because, really, what can you do? Turning on the radio again, he switched the CD player to his iPod and put on Apocalyptica.


Max and the Finlandians had been at Castle Bam for a little over an hour before anyone noticed that they were there. Max had made himself a hangover cure just because it tasted good as hell and Jonne was already making a dent in Bam’s vast alcohol collection. Linde and Ville were sitting on the floor, playing a game of chess. Occasionally, they would talk to Max or Max would comment on what they should do next. Max turned on his iPod, eventually, tuning out everyone else, begging for sleep to come and soothe his aching head.

Bam found them in the living room. Jonne was staring at the TV mindlessly. Max was asleep on the couch, and Linde and Ville were playing chess at the coffee table. Closing the sliding glass door to the balcony shut quietly, he walked over to Ville, trying not to make squelching noises with his feet, but the Finn was so absorbed in the match that he didn’t notice.

Bam picked up the brunette, threw him over his shoulder, and ran out onto the balcony, ignoring the screams of protest from the Finn and the banging fists on his bare back.

“Bam! Bam! Put me down, you fucker!” Ville’s fell to deaf ears as Bam threw him into the pool from the edge of the balcony, jumping into the pool behind him. Sputtering, the Finn came up for air. Instantly he was assaulted by the loud cheers, congratulating Bam.

“You look like a wet cat, Ville.” Ville looked up towards the sound of the voice and saw Jonne smiling at him from atop the balcony. Ville flicked him off, obviously not happy with his comment.

Ville attempted to climb out of the pool, but was instantly pulled back in by Bam, who pulled him to the shallower end and wrapped him up in a hug, a hug which Ville tried to shrug off, but Bam was persistent and finally Ville hugged him back.

“Hey, Ville.” Bam smirked at the soaking wet Finn.

“Bam.” The Finn nodded before climbing out of the pool. “I’m going to go get dry and, with your permission, stay dry.” Bam laughed at the smiling Ville.

“You have my permission.”

“Thank you.” Ville walked into the Pirate Bar, where he was met by a not-so-good looking Max. “Are you okay, Maxxie?” He asked, walking over to the blackette and pressing the back of his wet hand to Max’s forehead and then to his cheeks. Max flinched back from the touch before realizing it was cold and felt good against his forehead, leaning into it. “Sweetheart, you’re burning up.”

Max sighed, just leaning into Ville’s touch more, either ignoring the fact that Ville was soaking wet or he hadn’t noticed, neither choice was good in Ville’s opinion because Max didn’t really like water.

“I know. I don’t feel good, Vil. I’m gonna go to bed and sleep.” He pulled away from Ville’s hand, pulling a water bottle out of the fridge and taking two Advil before heading upstairs. Ville stared after him, worried. Max was always the kind of person to put off his health. He’d just have to watch after him for a little while, make sure he was sleeping, eating, and not drinking any booze. Man, was Max going to hate him.


Bam walked into the Pirate Bar. He saw Linde and Dunn cuddling up in front of the fire place and he sighed. He still hadn’t told Ville that he liked him and it was starting to get to him, but he still wouldn’t tell him. It wasn’t worth the risk.

“Ryan, Linde, do you know where Ville is?” At the sound of his voice, Linde jumped up, embarrassed and not used to having others see him have more ‘intimate’ moments with his lover. Ryan wrapped his arms around Linde, cooing words in his ear and Bam watched as Linde’s body slowly relaxed against Dunn’s.

“He’s up checking on Max. Max wasn’t feeling too good, getting sick or something like that.” Ryan told him.

“Thanks.” Bam ran up the stairs, leaving them alone. Running all the way up to the third story he walked to Max’s room and knocked on the door. “Max? Ville?”

Ville opened the door and pressed a finger to his lips, motioning for Bam to be quiet. Letting him into the room, Bam was surprised to see Max, who looked way too pale to be normal, lying on his bed, staring at the black ceiling with a cold washcloth on his forehead. Bam raised an eyebrow at Ville questioning Ville.

“I’ll be back in a little bit, Max.” Ville whispered, pulling Bam out of the room. “I think he has a migraine, mixed with a little bit of the common cold. Do you remember when and what he ate last?”

“He definitely ate an apple last. That’s all he eats. And I think he ate one yesterday before we went out to go drinking.”

“When’s the last time he had a drink?”

“Uh… Well, what did he drink when you guys got back?”

“I don’t know. Whatever it was it kind of smelled like one of my hangover cures.”

“He was drinking a hangover cure. I taught him how to make them.”

Ville nodded. “I guess we’ll just have to watch him, but he should be fine eventually. You guys should eat more.”

“This coming from the rock star that looks like a twig.” Bam stated, laughing at Ville’s pout.

“I’m not a twig! And even if I were, I could get more girls and guys than you!” Ville taunted.

This was probably true, Bam considered. Before he could open his mouth to retort, Ville had opened the door to Max’s room, checking on him. Ville smiled. That must be good news.

“He’s asleep.” Bam nodded. “Where’s your friends?”

“Dunn’s cuddling with Linde down stairs. Novak’s passed out somewhere. The Nitro Circus crew is out eating dinner. No one should be coming back, except, maybe, Jim tomorrow. Want a drink?”

“You know I can’t, Bam.” Ville sighed. “Please don’t tempt me with offers.”

“Okay.” Bam shrugged. “How about this, so as not to tempt you, I’ll swear off drinking too.”

“Really?” Ville looked at him. This was very un-Bam-like. Sure, Bam would do a lot of things for Ville, but this was a lot of things to a whole new level.

“Yeah, really. It can’t be that bad being sober all the time. Wanna go to the cave?” Ville nodded a yes almost instantly. The cave was his favorite place in Castle Bam. “Cool, let’s go.” Bam led Ville to the entrance in the Pirate Bar, ignoring the sleeping forms of a Linde and a Dunn.
AN:  So, this chapter has introduced the Finlandians!  Yay!  I'm excited myself because it's starting to move along faster.  I just finished writing chapter nine.  It's going to be a two part-er because of how long it is.  I think this chapter was about six pages long on Word with about 2,618 words and nine is ten pages long, with 6,447 words.  I'm impressed with myself, if you can't tell, lol.
Anyways be excited, 'cause I am. :D:D:D
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28 June 2011 @ 07:26 pm
 Title: Unexplained Feelings
Author: lostinlife191
Pairings: Ville/Bam, Ryan/Linde, MOC/Jonne or MOC/Jim Dechamp (I don't know who I want with my MOC yet).
Rating: R (Language and possible sexual situations, but mainly language).
Summary: Dunn didn't know how it happened. Everything had started to go downhill when Bam decided to marry Missy, but now that she was gone everything had hit rock bottom. Now he was living with his, almost always, drunk best friend and finding that life could really suck sometimes, but he was also learning that there always seemed to be a silver lining.
Warnings: Language; Slash.
Disclaimer: This is about as true as the fact that, in Kenya, they knock on Monkeys instead of Wood.
AN: I'm really new to this whole LJ thing, so please help me out whenever I do something wrong. Also, this is posted on Mibba, under the same name, because I find posting on Mibba easier than LJ. Any criticism is constructive criticism.

R.I.P. Ryan Dunn ~ Forever an Inspiration

Chapter 5

Bam groaned as Max and Dunn carried the drunken idiot into his own home. Bam, Ryan, and Max had gone out drinking to celebrate the fact that Novak was back in town and clean. Max had been declared the DD because he was the newcomer, which was fine with him. He’d rather not look like an idiot in front of people he didn’t know. Novak followed them inside, making his way upstairs, passing out in the room that he usually stayed in.

Dunn and Max struggled up the stairs with Bam, cursing Novak in their minds. Reaching Bam’s bedroom, they threw him on the bed, where he curled up in a ball. Max sighed and threw a blanket over him before he followed Ryan out of the room.

“Shit, man. It’s fucking seven o’ clock in the fucking morning.” Ryan cursed. Max had learned that he cursed a lot more when he was intoxicated.

“Yup… and Nitro Circus is supposed to be here in an hour.” Max groaned. “I’m going to go make some coffee. You try and sleep for a little bit, sober up, okay?”

Dunn nodded and walked into his room. Max sighed. Walking into his room, he replaced his jeans with sweatpants and his long-sleeved, black shirt with a white t-shirt. Spring was coming and it was coming fast, the weather had already started heating up. Pulling on a beanie because he couldn’t do anything with his hair, he grabbed his iPod and went downstairs to start making coffee.


Almost exactly one hour later, Max heard a knock on the door. The Nitro Circus crew was here. Opening the door, he was immediately assaulted by the sight of cameras, lights, microphones, and the Nitro Circus crew.

“Aw, fuck, man. The lights are fucking bright!” Max cursed at them, covering his eyes and glaring at them through cracks in his fingers.

“Sorry dude, where’s Bam?” The one Max recognized as Andy Bell asked.

“Sleeping, I just shoved him in bed around an hour ago.”

“Awesome. Anyways, I guess introductions and then we’ll go wake up Bam if you’ll show us the way to his room. I’m Andy, the fat guy’s Tommy, the good-looking guy’s Greg, the girl’s Jolene, the really tall guy is Jim, and the short one’s Eric.” Max waved at each one respectively before staring at Eric.

“Roner?” He asked.

“Max?” Eric asked looking at the blackette in awe. “Dude, I thought you were still in Finland.”

“So does everyone else. It’s not common knowledge that I’m back. It’s good to see you though.”

“You too. How’d you end up in West Chester?”

“I moved in with my boyfriend, Lex, but he broke up with me. I’d been working at the salon that Bam’s mom works in and she got him to let me stay here because I don’t have enough money to get out of this town and to somewhere it snows. I’m kind of stranded, but I don’t mind. Bam’s place is nice as hell and he’s fun to chill with. Have you heard anything from Colby?”

“Nah, I thought he was with you.” The Nitro Circus crew was looking at them like they were crazy.

“Last I saw him, he was still in Finland. Whatever, the loser can take care of himself. You guys want coffee?” Max let them into the house.

“Just buckets filled with cold water.” Andy informed him.

“Fuck, I would kill you guys if you woke me up like that.” Max laughed, leading them down into the Pirate Bar where he started filling up two trash cans with cold water.

“You almost did kill me when Colby and I did it to you.” Max shrugged at this statement. He wasn’t lying, he liked to sleep and he liked warm water. He handed a bucket to Andy and a bucket to Eric.

“This way.” He led them back up from the Pirate Bar and up to the third floor, lighting a cigarette on the way. He stopped and pointed at the door, laughing as he watched them go in.

Shaking his head, he walked back down to the Pirate Bar. It was weird seeing Eric again. He hadn’t seen anyone that used to ski with in almost a year. God, he missed it, that connection he used to have with the other skiers.


“Max!” Bam yelled walking into the Pirate Bar. The beanie-wearing Max jumped from where he had been sitting on the stool, staring at the counter with unnecessary concentration. “I need a round piece of food, preferably something kind of soft, so none of your apples.”

“I wouldn’t let you use my apples anyways.” Max stated, than groaning at the slight pain in his head. The lack of sleep had started to catch up to him, leaving him with a bit of a headache. “One second.” He reached into the pantry, pulling out the bottle of vodka and two Advil. Swallowing them down, he looked at Bam and the rest of Nitro Circus.

“That’s probably not very good for you.” Jolene stated, looking at him oddly.

“Exactly the point, sweetheart,” he told her. “Bam, you do realize that we don’t eat in this house, right? And the last time April bought food for us, you and Dunn spread it across the front yard for all the animals to eat.”

“Oh… yeah. I think there are bagels in the freezer though.” Max looked at him oddly, checking the freezer and pulling out a bag of bagels.

“Dude, how long have those been in here?”

“Longer than you’ve been here.” Max looked at the bag. Disgust wrinkled his nose. “Can you defrost one of those and make me a hangover cure? I’ve got to find a clean shirt.”

“Yeah. You want a spring or winter?”


“Okay. I did laundry yesterday. It’s still in the laundry room. I think some of your clothes were in there.” Max said as he started shifting through the refrigerator for the hangover cure ingredients.

“Cool. Thanks, Maxxie!” Bam kissed him on the cheek before running into the game room and into the laundry room that was hidden back there.

The Nitro Circus crew walked back upstairs, probably to talk to their producer, but one of them stayed behind. The tall one.

“You’re Jim, right?” Max asked, not looking up from his task at making the cure.


Oh, he had a nice voice. Shit Max, you don’t even know him. Max cursed at himself. Lighting another cigarette, he looked up and observed the man in front of him. Tall, baseball cap, there was a little bit of dark brown hair sticking out of the bottom of the hat, black shirt, and jeans.

“Nice,” he muttered before busying himself with making the cure again.

“So you used to ski with Eric?” Jim asked. Of course he did you idiot, Jim criticized himself. That’s such a stupid question.

“Yeah, I did. Do you ski?” Max smiled at him, letting Jim know that he was happy for the conversation starter.

“No. I ride bikes. I’ve tried skiing once, but it didn’t work out too well.” Jim laughed at himself, remembering when Eric had convinced him to attempt skiing.

He has a cute laugh, Max noted. “Did Eric try to teach you?”

Jim nodded.

“Yeah, he’s not the greatest teacher. Just don’t tell him I said that.” Max laughed, finishing up Bam’s drink. “Do you want anything?”

“No, I just didn’t want to wander all around Bam’s house like some lost puppy.”

“So you’re your own person, don’t like to be one of the pack. Hm, I like that.” Max bit his lip as he put a bagel in the microwave to defrost it. Turning around, he leaned on the counter, studying Jim. They held eye contact for a while; Jim not even seeming like the stare from the slightly glazed-over brown eyes was making him uncomfortable. “Nice.” He leaned back as the microwave beeped and pulled out the bagel, cursing at how hot it was, burning his fingers, and dropped it on the counter.

Jim wanted to ask what was nice, but the others entered from the game room, Bam wearing a new shirt and carrying golf clubs. Jim couldn’t even begin to contemplate how the rest of the day was going to turn out, thoughts of what a morning this one was turning out to be already running through his mind.

AN: This one's short because it's really just kind of a filler, but it does have important stuff, so I would say that it's filler-ish, not exactly a filler though.  *spoiler* Ville, Linde, and Jonne in the next chapter. :D  I'm kind of writing a lot of stuff out about Max's past and I was wondering if you guys might want a kind of background story?  Let me know if you do or not.
And you might not have figure it out, but this story is taking place in 2008, after H.I.M's final 2008 tour in Australia. 
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26 June 2011 @ 12:09 am
Title: Unexplained Feelings
Author: lostinlife191
Pairings: Ville/Bam, Ryan/Linde, MOC/Jonne or MOC/Jim Dechamp (I don't know who I want with my MOC yet).
Rating: R (Language and possible sexual situations, but mainly language).
Summary: Dunn didn't know how it happened. Everything had started to go downhill when Bam decided to marry Missy, but now that she was gone everything had hit rock bottom. Now he was living with his, almost always, drunk best friend and finding that life could really suck sometimes, but he was also learning that there always seemed to be a silver lining.
Warnings: Language; Slash.
Disclaimer: This is about as true as the fact that, in Kenya, they knock on Monkeys instead of Wood.
AN: I'm really new to this whole LJ thing, so please help me out whenever I do something wrong. Also, this is posted on Mibba, under the same name, because I find posting on Mibba easier than LJ. Any criticism is constructive criticism.

R.I.P. Ryan Dunn ~ Forever an Inspiration

Chapter 4

Max lied back on the red-violet chaise lounge in the cave. The stick on stars decorating the cavern’s ceiling were glowing lightly and light, from the hundreds of candles lit, flickered across the room. He let his body sink into the fluff of the chaise.

It had been surprisingly peaceful at Bam’s house for the last week and a half. All of his friends were either visiting family, out of town, or too busy with work. Max had been given the past week and a half off from the salon because Maggie felt sorry for him. Unfortunately he was going to have to go back tomorrow. It had been a great break.

Max allowed himself to stop thinking about having to go to work tomorrow and made himself listen to the music playing in the cave. Love in Cold Blood by H.I.M. came on and he took a moment to listen to the lyrics, mouthing the words as the song progressed. Something that he probably never would’ve thought of sober clicked in his brain as he listened to the lyrics.

Darling, take me home to the castle made of skulls and bones, sing me a song to remind me where I belong, in your arms, my love, in cold blood, rang in his head and he tried to decipher what he was listening too.

“Bam,” he called over to the Ice Bar where the curly-haired, brunette was pouring Dunn, but Dunn was nowhere to be found, and himself a drink. Bam looked up in acknowledgement. “Can you sing?”

“I guess. I’m not great at it, but I can if you need me too.” Max nodded. That was good enough for him. Ville was obviously singing to Bam, he decided. Of course, he probably wouldn’t remember this tomorrow, he was that wasted. I’m gonna have such a killer hangover tomorrow. He giggled at his thoughts. I’ll just have to kill it off with more alcohol! This raised another question. “BamBam… how am I going to get to work tomorrow?”

“You can drive the Hummer… the red one, ‘cause the blue’s getting its breaks fixed.”

“But it’s all dirty… How am I supposed to see?”

“We should wash it!” Bam exclaimed jumping up from his spot on the ground.

“Yeah! Car washes are fun!” Max exclaimed, following Bam out of the cave.

Dunn observed the two as they walked out into the forty degree weather, barefoot and shirtless. Those drunken idiots, he thought, but he didn’t stop them because then he would be considered a bad friend and Dunn, contrary to popular belief, was a very good friend.


Max woke up, freezing cold, to someone shaking him and a killer hangover, just as he had predicted last night, only he didn’t remember last night. He pushed at the large hands and, while they did stop shaking him, they didn’t let him curl back up and go back to sleep.

“Max, you need to get up. You have work in an hour.” Dunn’s voice spoke in his ear. Oh yeah, work… That thing that you don’t really want to do when you have a hangover… Shit.

Max groaned, but let Dunn pull his body up into a sitting position. Max was sore all over. “What the fuck did I do last night?” He started to ask, but Ryan cut him off, covering his mouth with his hand.

“Don’t fucking wake up, Bam!” He whisper-exclaimed, pulling Max out of Bam’s room and into the hallway.

“What was I doing in Bam’s bedroom?” Max asked after Dunn had shut the door behind them.

“Well, you guys decided to wash the car when it was forty-degrees outside, without shoes or shirts and after you had, actually, really thoroughly cleaned the car, you guys came in and were cold as shit, so Bam suggested that you guys sleep in the same bed to warm up.” Dunn shrugged. “This kind of shit happens all the fucking time.”

“I can tell from your nonchalant attitude. Can you make me some coffee while I take a shower?”

“Sure.” They parted ways, Dunn going down the stairs and Max walking to his room.


Somehow, Max wasn’t exactly sure how, but he made it to work on time. It was his first time being out of Castle Bam in a week and he just wanted to go back and hide in the cave again, that or go skiing, but there wasn’t any snow on the ground, and Max was pretty sure that people don’t ski in West Chester, and he didn’t have enough money to fly or drive somewhere where he could actually ski. He would be stuck there for a little bit longer.

He sat down at his desk after getting hugs from all of the stylists, each one telling him that it was a good thing that he wasn’t with Lex anymore and, after April had asked how staying at Bam’s was, the pack of girls getting ready for prom or some special dance like that all almost attacked him to figure out what it was like staying at Bam’s house, what Bam was like, and if it was true that Bam and Missy were getting a divorce or were they just in an open marriage. The best one was the girl that asked Max out in an attempt to get to Bam. Max sighed, lying his head down on the table. It was no wonder why he liked guys, girls were impossible and they make hangovers ten times worse.

Two hours later, the prom girls were still there. It was a relatively easy day and Max was happy for that, but they would not leave him alone. Bam this and Bam that. Max was starting to hate being associated with Bam. Excited squeals and the ding of the bell as the door opened pulled Max out of his stupor. Looking up, he saw the same person he had been cursing in his head earlier.

“Well, if it isn’t the one and only Bam Margera, gracing us with his presence.” I stated sarcastically, laughing as he winced because of the bright lights when he pulled his sun glasses off.

“You better get rid of that sarcastic tone or I won’t give you what I came here to bring you.” Bam said, holding up a canteen and waving it tauntingly in Max’s face.

Max pouted and held out his hands. “I’m sorry, Bammie. Please can I have the present?”

April laughed quietly as she observed the playful attitudes of her son and Max. She had figured that they would have gotten along well, just not this well, and certainly not in the short amount of time they had known each other, but they seemed to be having fun, so she didn’t question it.

“What is it?” Max asked when Bam handed over the canteen. It was radiating heat and Max was thankful for that because the he sat right near the door and the cold air blew in from the crack in the bottom and, whenever the door was opened, he was blasted with cold air.

“My special winter hangover cure.” Max laughed at the name and took a sip out of the canteen. The liquid was deliciously warm and tasted of chocolate, coffee, and vodka.

“You’re absolutely amazing. This is amazing.”

“Don’t gush to me. I stole the recipe from Ville.” Bam stated.

At the mention of Ville, the girls in the back started to giggle and whisper amongst each other. Bam looked at Max as if asking if he had had to deal with stuff like that all day. Max nodded in response and Bam wrinkled his nose in disgust. Girls, ew.

“Anyways, Ville, Linde, and Jonne are coming to town four days from now, but Nitro Circus is also supposed to be coming over, so I was wondering if you could pick them up from the airport for me. You don’t really know them, but I’ll make you a sign or something and tell Ville to go with you when I talk to him.”

“Yeah, I’ll pick them up. I’ll take the Hummer?”

“Dude, don’t even mention that car. I can’t believe we decided to fucking wash it last night.” Max and Bam both let out laughs.

“Language, Bam!” April yelled from where she was styling one of the giggling girls’ hair. “And what’s this about you washing the Hummer last night? It was forty degrees out!”

“That’s not even the best part, Ape! We did it without shoes or shirts on!” Max giggled at the appalled look on April’s face.

“Max! I let you stay over there because I thought you would help keep them under control! I might have to take you back! What was Dunn doing during all of this?”

“You can’t have him! He’s awesome!” Bam wrapped his arms around Max and pulled him into a bear hug. “Besides you wouldn’t exactly see eye-to-eye, Ape. This kid’s really crazy; he just hides it from you guys at work. And Dunn, if I remember correctly, but I was so wasted I don’t know if I actually remember correctly, tucked our drunken asses into bed.” Max nodded remembering this as well.

“He woke me up this morning too. He seems to be becoming quite the maternal figure. Just don’t tell him I told you that.” He was still being held against Bam. He wasn’t really arguing because Bam was really warm, but still, it was a little tight.

“Told who what?” Dunn asked walking into the salon. He sighed seeing Bam squeezing the life out of poor Max. “Bam, let go of Max before he dies from lack of oxygen.”

“Oh,” he let go of Max. “Sorry Maxxie!”

“It’s okay, BamBam.” Max took another sip of his hangover cure. “Don’t you guys have to go build a spaceship?”

“Yeah, we were just getting the ship itself.” Dunn nodded his head towards the outside of the salon. Max laughed when he saw an old, beat up, white van that didn’t look like it would run anymore, sitting on a trailer behind the blue hummer. “We also had to pick up the other Hummer.”

“You guys walked into town?”

“’Course not, we traded Dunn’s piece of shit car for the ship.” Dunn glared at Bam.

“Oh… Nice. I wish you the best of luck in building this ship. I’ll see you guys at Castle Bam in a couple of hours.” Max waved them off.

“Bye Max!” Bam exclaimed, him and Dunn both waving good-bye even though Dunn was dragging Bam out of the salon.


“April, why are you making me go grocery shopping with you?” Max asked as April made him push the cart through the fruit section. He came to a stop at the apples and grabbed some of the fiery red ones.

“Because, I know you boys aren’t eating anything in that house, probably just drinking yourselves silly.” Max didn’t try to deny it. It was true, although, sometimes Dunn would make them sandwiches. She looked at the cart. “Max. We’ve walked through this whole store and all you want is apples?” She stared at the apples. They were the only thing in the whole cart.

“Should I want something else?” He asked. He hadn’t had a parental figure in over four years. Once he was done with high school, he had left with his friend Colby to ski all over the world. That’s what they did. They became ski bums. All of their money went into them skiing - getting them places to spend the night, lift tickets, or when the snow was gone, getting them to a place where there was snow. Occasionally, they would splurge on concerts, like Helldone, but they never spent money on food. Not unless they had too.

“Yes, honey, you should want more. You can’t live on alcohol and apples.” Ape had obviously never been to Finland.

“Ape, why don’t you just get some food? I promise I’ll eat it if you choose it. I just don’t eat any seafood.”

“Okay.” She stole the cart from him and walked around the grocery store. Max watched as she slowly filled the cart all the way to the top. He grimaced at all the food. He didn’t dislike it or anything, but no one was going to eat it at Castle Bam. It was just a waste.

“Ready to go?” April asked as getting to the checkout line. Max nodded, eager to get out of the store, away from April, and back to Castle Bam.

Unfortunately for Max, it took forever to checkout all of April’s food and the bagger seemed incompetent, probably a newbie. That wouldn’t have bothered Max, but April kept correcting the bagger and making sure that he put the food in the bags correctly. He was about ready to smash his head against a wall, but just before he did, the bagger finished bagging their items. April left took their items and left in a huff, grumbling about the poor work ethic.

“Thanks, Sweethearts.” Max flashed the checkout guy and the bagger a smile. He knew that it sucked to be on that side of the checkout. Been there, done that when he needed money to get to Utah. He then followed April out to the parking lot.


Max laughed as he pulled up to Castle Bam. Dunn and Bam were trying to stick on the wings of the ship and they weren’t staying on the ship. Turning off the Hummer, he got out and walked over to them.

“Having difficulties?”

“Max! Just the person we need to see!” Dunn exclaimed abandoning his position at the end of one wing, leaving Bam holding it up alone. “Can you hold up the part that I was holding up for a second?”


He and Bam watched as Dunn did something to make the wing stick and this time it did stick. They did the same to the other wing and they were soon high-fiving each other, proud of their work.

“Oh, April made me go grocery shopping with her. We now have enough food to feed a malnourished army for a year.” When they looked at him, practically saying ‘why the fuck would you go food shopping with April with their eyes, he responded with a shrug. “I didn’t know how to say no to her.”

“It’s okay, Max. We’ll just have to deal with the food.” Dunn and Bam shared wicked smiles.

“I don’t care what you do with the food, just don’t kill the apples. They were the only items that I actually wanted.” They nodded in agreement, so Max opened the trunk of the Hummer, grabbed the apples, and let the other two have fun with the rest of the food.

Soon it was scattered about the front lawn and Max had to admit that if it wasn’t such a waste of money and if it wasn’t food, he thought that it would probably look quite decorative. “I’m slightly impressed.” He told them.

“We have skills unknown to the world.” Max nodded looking at him oddly.

“Uh huh.” He could hear the skepticism in his own voice, but it only served to make Dunn and Bam laugh.

“It’ll be gone by tomorrow.” Bam shrugged. “Animals and shit.” Max nodded, logical enough. Dunn and Bam picked up the trash and followed him into Castle Bam, closing the door behind them.
AN: I changed Max's age to twenty-five.  This should be the last change.  I started to write some background to him in later chapters *spoiler* and I had to calculate to get his age and the timeline correct.  So it should be good now.
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 From what I've learned, this morning Ryan Dunn died in a car crash.  I have heard rumors that he was drinking before he drove, but I do not know if he had.  If it is discovered that he was drinking and driving, I will overlook that, even if I believe that drinking and driving is wrong.  Ryan Dunn was my favorite of Bam's friends and when I heard of this crash, I thought that it was a joke.  It turned out that it wasn't and I am ultimately saddened by this, but it will not stop my writing of Ryan Dunn as a character in my story or upcoming stories.  It will also not stop my writing altogether.  I just wanted to share my opinion and let my readers know that I will continue with Unexplained Feelings, even with the loss of Ryan Dunn and his jackass-y acts as an inspiration.  R.I.P. Ryan Dunn - Forever in our Hearts.

Title: Unexplained Feelings
Author: lostinlife191
Pairings: Ville/Bam, Ryan/Linde, MOC/Jonne or MOC/Jim Dechamp (I don't know who I want with my MOC yet).
Rating: R (Language and possible sexual situations, but mainly language).
Summary: Dunn didn't know how it happened. Everything had started to go downhill when Bam decided to marry Missy, but now that she was gone everything had hit rock bottom. Now he was living with his, almost always, drunk best friend and finding that life could really suck sometimes, but he was also learning that there always seemed to be a silver lining.
Warnings: Language; Slash.
Disclaimer: This is about as true as the fact that, in Kenya, they knock on Monkeys instead of Wood.
AN: I'm really new to this whole LJ thing, so please help me out whenever I do something wrong. Also, this is posted on Mibba, under the same name, because I find posting on Mibba easier than LJ. Any criticism is constructive criticism.

Chapter 3

“Bam?” The person in question looked up and waved at the blond who had spoken.

The blond sighed as he saw another alcoholic beverage in his friend’s hand. “I hung up the poster. I don’t think Ville will be freaked out.” He walked over to the Ice Bar.

“Thanks. Want one?” Bam held up his drink.

“No thanks man. I can’t.” Bam shrugged, taking a swig of his own drink.

“You’re really okay with Max staying here?” Dunn asked.

“Yeah, he’s seems like an okay dude.”

“I noticed that you seemed to take a liking to him. Does he remind you of someone?” Dunn hinted, well, really, suggested. He figured that the black haired kid reminded Bam of Ville.

Bam nodded his head lightly. “Is it just me or do you see Ville too?”

Dunn nodded; he could see where Bam saw Ville in the younger boy.

“Do you know how old he is? He looks like he isn’t even older than eighteen, but Ape wouldn’t let him stay with us if he were under age or under the drinking age. So he has to be older than twenty-one.”

“He’s twenty-five.” Bam nodded.

“Cool kid. You know why he’s rooming here?”

“His boyfriend broke up with him and he doesn’t have enough money to get his own place. That and apparently he doesn’t usually stay in one place for a long enough time to rent, but he stays long enough not to be able to afford a hotel room.”

“He doesn’t stay in one place long enough?”

“I don’t know what that was supposed to mean and he wasn’t really talking to me, just letting me stalk him, really, so I don’t know what that’s all about.” Bam raised his eyebrow questioning his ‘stalking’ statement.

“Well, not really stalking, it just ended up seeming like that because he wouldn’t talk to me. He just told me that he was twenty-two. Everything else was nods and shit.”

“He’s different.” Ryan nodded in agreement.

“Very. It’s cool though because we’re different too.”

“Oh man. Ape’s gonna shit herself. We’re all crazies now. I don’t think that kid’ll stop us from wrecking havoc, do you?”

“Nah, he seems chill enough.”

“As long as he doesn’t get any rude awakenings; he warned me that that’s bad.” Dunn nodded.

“That’s understandable.” Bam shrugged.

“I think I’m going to relax in the pool for a little bit. Want to join me?”

“Not really. I think I’ll go get some food, beer, and soda. Do you want pizza?” Ryan asked.

“Pizza, Resse’s, Heineken, and Mountain Dew. Uh… water bottles, none of that expensive shit, ice cream, Red Bull, Vodka, peanut butter, jelly, bread, and whatever else you feel like getting. Oh, can you see what kind of cigarettes Max likes and get him a carton full.”

“Whatever you say. Don’t drown.”

“Thanks, I needed that advice. Drowning is such a temptation now a days.” Bam’s voice was laced with sarcasm.

Ryan exited the cave as Bam stripped down to nothing and jumped into the Jacuzzi pool.


Ryan pushed open the door to Max’s bedroom as quietly as possible. He didn’t want to wake up the supposedly-sleeping male. He breathed a relieved sigh when he saw headphones covering his ears and shut eyes. Going over to the boy’s backpack, he unzipped the main pocket and breathed another sigh of relief when he saw a well-worn pack of Marlboro Reds on top of everything. Zipping up the backpack and placing it back where he’d found it, he exited the room, closing the door as quietly as possible.


Waking up sucks, ran through Max’s head as he rolled onto his back staring up at the black ceiling. He tried to wipe away the drool on his cheek, but cringed when he realized that what he was feeling on his cheek was the remnants of dried drool. He only drooled when he took naps; it was the only bad thing about them. Well, that and the headache that he usually got after waking up.

He pushed his headphones off, his beanie soon followed. Running his fingers through his newly black hair with its red streaks, he got up and looked at himself in the mirror that hung on the wall across from his bed. He turned away, not wanting to look at himself. He looked so disgusting. He shrugged it off. Grabbing his hairbrush from his bag, he ran it through his hair a few times before exchanging the hairbrush for his pack of Marlboro Reds and his blue eyeliner.

Relining his eyes quickly and simply, he put the liner back in his bag before lighting up a cigarette, walking over to the window. Opening it to let in the cool air, he sighed, releasing smoke from his lungs. Naps always made him feel like shit. Cigarettes always made him feel better.

He stared at the sky. It was dark now and the stars were shining brightly. It was surprising how many you could see. Puffing away at his cigarette, he stubbed it out when the burning embers got close to the filter. Max searched through his duffel bag for sweatpants and a baggy, long-sleeved, t-shirt. Finding both relatively quickly, he pulled off his jeans, t-shirt, and sweatshirt and pulled on the long-sleeved shirt and the sweatpants. Pulling the sweatshirt back on, he grabbed his almost empty water bottle and his iPod, putting the ear buds in as he headed down to the Pirate Bar. He didn’t think that anyone would be awake, but, surprisingly, Ryan was.

“Hey.” Dunn said without looking up from where he was lying on the sofa, in front of the fireplace. He was reading a motorcycle magazine.

“Hi. I didn’t think anyone would be up.”

“Learn to expect it. Those who stay at Castle Bam have weird sleeping schedules. Bam’s skating right now.”

“Why aren’t you out there with Bam?” Max grabbed a water from the refrigerator.

“I’m not a great skater and I think he wanted to be alone for a little bit. He’s still stressing a little from all of the Missy shit. I just don’t understand how he didn’t realize that they’re relationship was over before it ever began.” Dunn said.

Max shrugged. “People are blinded by what they believe. If Bam believed he was in love with Missy, then there should’ve been no way to tell him that it wasn’t ever going to work out.”

Dunn looked at him oddly, contemplating what he had just said before nodding, realizing what Max said was right.

“So what’s with Bam skating at,” he looked around for a clock, but didn’t find one, so compromised. “Some late time?”

“Ville’s coming. Ville Valo from H.I.M.,” he clarified, but he didn’t have to. Everyone knew that the skater boy was friends with the Finn. “I think Ville makes Bam question himself; more like his sexuality. I think the Finn unintentionally broke up him and Missy.”

“Oh.” Max left it at that. “Anyways, I actually just came here for a bottle of water, but now that I’m up, I don’t think I’ll be able to go back to sleep…”

“D’you want to watch a movie.” Dunn caught the hint.

“Yeah, that’d be nice.” Max followed him up into the living room.

“Any preference?” Dunn asked, gesturing at the DVD rack.

“Just nothing scary.”

Dunn nodded. He pulled out a random movie, some comedy movie that Bam had grabbed from the five dollar bin at Walmart, he wouldn’t know because he didn’t really watch movies, put it in, and sat on the couch. Max had curled up, so that he was partially lying on the couch and Dunn took up the rest of the space with his legs.

An hour later, when Bam entered his home and walked to his bedroom, he saw RV playing on the television screen. The light bright enough to show the two bodies asleep on the couch. He sighed. Grabbing a blanket from his editing room, he threw it over their bodies so that they were both equally covered before heading up to his room and dropping on top of his bed, fully-clothed and passing out, almost on impact.

AN: I changed Max's age to twenty-five to give him some more time out of high school and to set up a proper timeline for a couple of chapters in.
15 June 2011 @ 12:48 am
 Title: Unexplained Feelings
Author: lostinlife191
Pairings: Ville/Bam, Ryan/Linde, MOC/Jonne or MOC/Jim Dechamp (I don't know who I want with my MOC yet).
Rating: R (Language and possible sexual situations, but mainly language).
Summary: Dunn didn't know how it happened. Everything had started to go downhill when Bam decided to marry Missy, but now that she was gone everything had hit rock bottom. Now he was living with his, almost always, drunk best friend and finding that life could really suck sometimes, but he was also learning that there always seemed to be a silver lining.
Warnings: Language; Slash.
Disclaimer: This is about as true as the fact that, in Kenya, they knock on Monkeys instead of Wood.
AN: I'm really new to this whole LJ thing, so please help me out whenever I do something wrong. Also, this is posted on Mibba, under the same name, because I find posting on Mibba easier than LJ. Any criticism is constructive criticism.

Chapter 2

Two hours later, it had taken two hours because Bam forgot which store he had ordered the poster from, but then realized, after visiting all three music shops in West Chester, that it was actually being shipped to his house, they had gotten the poster, which had been on the door step, and were now trying to find a place to put it in Bam’s bedroom.

“Just put it over your bed, it’s the only space left.” Dunn argued for the fifth time.

“But when Ville comes over, he’ll think that it’s weird because what friend has your picture hanging over their bed?”

One that wants to fuck his friend, Dunn wanted to respond, but he didn’t because that would be mean and it might actually piss off Bam. He observed Bam struggling with himself. Poor guy honestly couldn’t figure out where to put the fucking poster. He shook his head at the hopelessness of his best friend.

“You have a giant picture of them hanging above the fire place; I don’t think that he’d mind the fact that you have a picture of him over your bed.” Bam looked at him, not believing. “Fine, you go get yourself something to drink and I’ll hang it up, okay? If you don’t like it, I’ll move it, but just go away for a couple of minutes.” Ryan pushed Bam out of the room, shutting the door behind him.

“Okay,” Ryan sighed. The things he did for Bam.


Bam walked down the stairs to the pirate bar, grabbing a Heineken from the fridge and chugging half of it in one go. God, I’m such a miserable, fucked-up person, he thought, finishing the beer and grabbing another. How does Dunn put up with me? I would’ve ditched my sorry ass years ago.

“Bam!” Ape’s voice brought him to attention. Hide the beer was the only thought now coursing through his brain. Thinking quickly, he put it back in the fridge and pulled out a Mountain Dew and a bottle of water opening both and taking huge sips from both.

“I’m at the pirate bar,” he answered Ape, hearing her walk down the steps, followed by another lighter pair of steps. That was weird, usually Phil walked heavier than Ape. What was even weirder was the fact that it wasn’t Phil being pulled behind April, but, what seemed to be, a teenage boy with black hair, sticking out from underneath a blue beanie.

“You haven’t been drinking already, have you Bam?” Ape asked looking at his disheveled appearance.

“No, not yet, I don’t start drinking until, at least, after four.” In the morning, he added to himself. Lying to Ape had always been easy, this was no exception.

“Good.” Ape looked reassured. “Now, where’s Dunn?”

“Hanging up a poster in my room because I couldn’t decide where to put it. Why do you need him?”

“Well, you looked confused as to who Max was and I was wondering if he actually got around to telling you that Max would be spending a couple of weeks with you guys.”

“Oh, no… he didn’t get around to telling me, but that’s cool. I don’t mind extra people.” Bam stated, shocking April. Turning to Max, he held out his hand. “Hi, I’m Bam.”

“Max.” They shook hands, which was a little awkward. “Um, I left my stuff upstairs, could you show me where I’ll be staying?” Max asked.

“Yeah, cool. Will you be staying for a little while, Ape?” Bam asked, looking at her curiously.

“No, I have to get back to work. I’m on my lunch break. Thank you for being so accepting and letting Max stay here, Bam. It means a lot.” She gave him a hug before exiting through the back door.

Bam pulled his beer out of the refrigerator once he knew Ape was gone. Max raised an eyebrow, but didn’t question him, taking his own when Bam offered him one.

“How do you know Ape?” Bam asked, leading Max up the steps to the living room and dining area to grab his stuff and then up to the bedrooms.

“I’m the secretary in Maggie’s hair salon.”

Bam nodded, that was logical. Ape had probably taken Max under her wing as soon as he stepped into the building and Bam could see why. He was adorable in a cute, innocent way. Not exactly his type, nor Dunn’s, so he wondered why Dunn took such an interest in this kid.

“Hey, Dunn.” Bam pounded on his door. “There’s this kid here. His name’s Max. Ape said that he’s going to be staying for a while and that you knew about it, but you didn’t tell me.”

“Max is here?” Ryan stuck his head out the door. “Awesome, hey man. Bam’s being nice to you, right? Oh, hey wasn’t your hair brown?”

“April dyed it before we came here. I wanted a change. But it’s nothing new, I dye my hair a lot.” Max said, fiddling with some of the curls poking out of the bottom of his beanie. “And Bam’s being really nice.”

“Cool. I’ll come hang out with you guys later. I have to finish rearranging Bam’s walls.” Dunn shut the door.

“Oh lord.” Bam sighed. “That’s never good,” he added when he heard slight banging behind the door. “Anyways, you’ll probably stay in here. It’s right across from Dunn’s room.” He pointed at the door with the Jackass skull and crutches on it.

Max opened the door to his new room. The gothic interior and general darkness of the room were awesome to him. Placing his stuff down near the inside of the door, he took another sip from his Heineken and turned to look at Bam.

“Thanks for this.”

“It’s cool, man. So you have stuff to do or do you wanna chill? I could show you around the house.” Bam suggested.

“A tour would be great.” Max nodded mindlessly.

“Cool, let’s tour Castle Bam.” Bam pointed down the hall away from his bedroom. “Those are other guest rooms. I have H.I.M. coming to stay in a couple of days, so those rooms should be filled up eventually. But there’s nothing really special. Your room has its own bathroom, but there’s one next to Dunn’s room.” He led Max back downstairs.

“Obviously dining and then the living room,” he pointed at each respectively. “Then another bathroom.” Walking over to the sticker-decorated door not too far from the bathroom, he opened it and let Max see inside. “This is where all the Radio Bam stuff goes down.” Closing the door, he continued to where Max assumed the tower started to go up. Another door, with several ‘Do Not Enter’ and ‘Warning’ signs decorating it, opened. “This is my editing room. You should just avoid this room if I’m in here.” Door shut. He pointed at the steps and then up to the ceiling. “Tower. Ville likes to write up there when he’s here. If you see him go up there, I would try to avoid it.

“Downstairs now, I guess.” He led Max back to the stairs going down to the Pirate Bar. “Obviously, this is the Pirate Bar. All night drinking fests go on here. If you finish a bottle,” he pointed at the liquor bottles decorating the bar, “just let me know. You don’t have to go buy more unless you feel that you should. And don’t feel shy; you can eat whatever you want out of the fridge. Restock it if you want to, but it’s not necessary. I don’t really care if you do or don’t. It’ll get restocked, eventually, when I get hungry. Anyways, over there is the game room.” He pointed back to a darkened room. “Whenever the crew comes over on a rainy day that seems to be where they usually tend to exist. That’s really it, except for one thing, but I need to know that you won’t tell anyone about this room.” Bam looked at Max for confirmation.

“I have no one to tell.” Max shrugged. “Besides you of all people should be allowed something secret in your life.”

Bam nodded. That answer seemed fine.

“Okay, follow me.” Simple enough.

“Your shows, movie, and jackass-y acts make you seem like a real asshole, but you don’t seem to have a problem with me invading your space, for however long, without any notice.” Max stated.

“Yeah, well that’s the problem with media. I just enjoy pretending to still be a teenager. Those were the easy years. And the fact that I could make money while just hanging out with my friends and doing random, dangerous shit was such a bonus that I couldn’t say no.” Bam said. “And, I’m glad that didn’t say no because if I hadn’t said yes, I wouldn’t have all of the benefits and friends that I do now.”

He pushed open a door that was behind the fireplace. Max couldn’t even tell that the door was there, it was that well hidden. There was another set of cement stairs covered with a dark velvet-red carpet.

“You’re not going to murder me are you?” Max asked jokingly. Bam laughed.

“Nah, I might do a bunch of stupid shit, but I’m not crazy. Down here is my secret cave. It’s got one giant pool, spring-like thing, that’s heated all year round. Somehow, I talked the contractor into getting the floors down here heated too, so when it’s cold like it is now and you get out, you don’t immediately get cold. There’s a TV, a DVD player, an iPod plug-in and there’s a computer down here, so you can do, actually, whatever you want pretty much.” They reached the bottom of the steps and Bam flipped a light switch, which turned on a chandelier, filling the room with a velvet-colored light because the light bulbs on the fake, partially-melted candles were colored.

Max looked around the alcove in awe. It was a picture perfect, gothic cave. Candles decorated what seemed to be rock walls. Heartagrams decorated the area, of course. In a corner, there was a bar-like area that looked like it’d been modeled after an Ice Bar. Of in another corner, there was a computer and sound system set-up. Right ahead of them on the opposite wall hung a sixty-two inch television screen. In the middle of the whole basement was a pool, a huge pool. The whole set up was crazy and Max couldn’t stop staring.

“I think this is the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen in a long time.” He finally spoke. Bam looked at him and laughed lightly.

“Ville and Dunn had the same reactions. Want a drink?” Max nodded, finishing off his now slightly-warm beer. He followed Bam to the faux Ice Bar, sitting on one of the bar stools.

“Why do you have this down here?” Max asked.

“I had a hidden basement that nobody knew about and I guess I just wanted some place in my own home where I could hide from everyone. And that place is here.”

Max nodded. It made sense. Bam was so televised; all he wanted was some space from the media hounds and insanity of partying wannabe friends. No one was built to be in the spotlight twenty-four seven.

“Anyways,” Bam pulled two beers out of the refrigerator, handing one to Max. “You can come down here whenever you want. The door over there,” he pointed over by the computer, where Max could just see the outline of a door, “is another entrance from the garage and there’s a bathroom down that way with some extra swimsuits, towels, and stuff. Do you smoke?”

Max nodded.

“There’s always Marlboro Reds and Lights here and ashtrays.”

“Cool. Thanks for the tour. If you don’t mind, I think I’ll go take a nap, as long as you promise not to give me a rude awakening.” Bam laughed.

“Nah man, I won’t wake you up. You look tired as shit.” Bam smirked. “If you see Dunn, let him know I’m down here?”

“Sure. Thanks a lot, Bam.” Max walked back up the stairs as he drank more of his Heineken. Walking out into the Pirate Bar, Max studied Dunn’s back. It was surprisingly muscular, he decided.
Man, I’ve had way too much to drink already if I’m thinking about him like that, I just fucking met him. Max thought back to the three JD shots he had had earlier that morning, plus two beers. And it was only around three in the afternoon. “Well, fuck.” He murmured aloud.

“Holy shit!” Dunn said turning around. “Fuck Max, you scared the living shit out of me.”

“Sorry.” Max shrugged. He wasn’t really. “Bam wanted me to tell you that he’s down in the basement, cave thing. I’m going for a nap.”

“Okay.” Dunn nodded. He walked past Max and started down the stairs. “Have a good nap.” He closed the door.

Max nodded absentmindedly. Walking to the refrigerator, he grabbed a bottle of water, dumping out his beer, and headed upstairs to his room. Pulling his pillow and blanket from his bag, collapsing onto the bed, he grabbed his iPod from the pocket on his sweatshirt and plugged his ear buds in, turning on H.I.M. Letting his eyes close, Max felt sleep drift over him.

AN: So the basement cave-thing is kind of random, but I thought it was badass and kind of awesome, so I created it.  Yeah...
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06 June 2011 @ 09:08 pm
Title: Unexplained Feelings
Author: lostinlife191
Pairings: Ville/Bam, Ryan/Linde, MOC/Jonne or MOC/Jim Dechamp (I don't know who I want with my MOC yet).
Rating: R (Language and possible sexual situations, but mainly language).
Summary: Dunn didn't know how it happened.  Everything had started to go downhill when Bam decided to marry Missy, but now that she was gone everything had hit rock bottom.  Now he was living with his, almost always, drunk best friend and finding that life could really suck sometimes, but he was also learning that there always seemed to be a silver lining.
Warnings: Language; Slash.
Disclaimer: This is about as true as the fact that, in Kenya, they knock on Monkeys instead of Wood.
AN: I'm really new to this whole LJ thing, so please help me out whenever I do something wrong.  Also, this is posted on Mibba, under the same name, because I find posting on Mibba easier than LJ.  Any criticism is constructive criticism.
Chapter 1
                “Can you explain to me, again, why you married Missy?”  Ryan Dunn asked an unresponsive, drinking Bam Margera, as he watched the brunette walk across the street, staring at her phone causing her to walk straight into a teenager who seemed to be off on another planet.

                “Bam, I think she might just attack that poor kid.  I’m gonna go save him, okay?”  Bam waved his hand, just barely acknowledging that Dunn was leaving him alone in the bar to save some kid that he didn’t know.

                “Hey, Missy!  Leave the kid alone!”  Dunn yelled at the bitching brunette, crossing the street, and getting in between her and the fallen kid.

                She glared at him before flicking off the boy on the ground and walking away.  “You’re a jackass, Dunn.”

                “And a paid one at that!”  He yelled at her retreating back.  Turning around to the kid on the ground, he held out his hand to help the kid up.  “Sorry about her, she’s a bitch, if you didn’t notice.”

                The boy looked at Dunn like he was insane.  Dunn, mentally slapped himself, of course he fucking noticed.  Stop sounding like an idiot, Dunn.  Pull it together.

                “Where are you going?”  Dunn asked, looking around at the surrounding stores.  Not one of them looked like one that the kid would be going to.  He nodded at the hair salon that Ape worked at.  “Cool, I’ll walk you.”  The kid looked at him weird again.  “Well, only if you don’t mind.”  Dunn stated, quickly realizing what he had said wrong.

                The kid nodded and started to walk to the salon.  Dunn followed after him.  The kid was easy to walk with, his pace leisurely.

                “Are you getting your hair cut?”  Dunn questioned as they walked in.  He had observed the tufts of light brown curls that were just barely coming out from underneath the blue beanie that adorned his head.

                The kid shook his head no and walked up to Maggie who owned the shop.

                “Hey Maxxie.  Isn’t it your day off?”  She asked, looking at the boy.  It wasn’t odd that he was there on a day off, but usually he just went and sat at his desk, working because he had nothing better to do, as he put it.

                “Lex broke up with me today and I don’t have anywhere to stay anymore.  I would just get myself an apartment or a room at a hotel, but I don’t have the money to and I don’t stay long enough in once place.  I was hoping that I could stay with you or another one of the stylists for a little bit until I figure something out.”  His voice was soft, but Dunn was stunned by the power and grace of it.  This kid, Max he guessed his name was, was really reminding him of someone, but he couldn’t figure out who it was.

                “I would let you stay with me, but my whole family’s home for a reunion, but I think April has some empty rooms.”  Maggie stated.  “Let me go get her.”

                “So your name’s Max?”  Dunn asked.  The boy nodded.  “And you work here?”  Another nod.  God, this kid must just really not want to talk to him.  “How old are you?”


                “Dunn!  What are you doing here?”  Dunn heard the harsh voice of April Margera yell his name, sounding scared, like she thought he would wreck the shop if he was left alone for more than five seconds.

                “I’m with Max.”  Dunn stated.  “Missy was bitching at him and I saved him from her wrath.”  Ape nodded as if she approved of this before turning to Max.

                “Oh, honey.  Are you okay?”  She cooed.  “I currently don’t have any free space in my house, but I’m sure that Bam wouldn’t mind housing you for a little bit.  You like H.I.M., maybe even more than he does, which I used to think was impossible, so he shouldn’t mind having you in his home.  What do you think, Dunn?”  She sent a look Dunn’s way, telling him that he better side with her.

                “Well, I’m not gonna give Bam’s house away for him, but I think the guest room is empty until Ville comes and even then, Raab, Rake, and Dico have moved out, so when Ville comes to visit in a week, there’d still be open rooms.  I could put in a good word for Max too.”

                “That would be nice Dunn.  Don’t you think, Max?”  April caught Max’s drifting attention, bringing him back to the conversation.  Max nodded.  “Okay, Dunn, why don’t you go and talk to Bam.  I’ll bring Max over in a little bit after we collect his stuff.”

                Dunn nodded.  “Bye Max.”  Dunn waved as he exited the store.  Max barely gave a nod of acknowledgement to the leaving man.

                Dunn walked back to Antonio’s.  Bam was still sitting where Dunn had left him, now with three empty glasses of beer around him.  Looking at his phone and seeing that it was only eleven in the morning, he stated, “it’s too early to be drinking.”

                “Not according to Vito.”  Bam stated, getting up and handing Dunn his keys.  “I needta go to the music store.”  He walked out of Antonio’s.

                “Did he pay?”  Dunn asked the waiter who came to clear Bam’s glasses.

                “He put it on your tab.”  Dunn cursed Bam to hell when he heard that answer.

                “Great, thanks.”  Dunn walked out of Antonio’s and got into the driver’s seat of Bam’s blue hummer.  “So why are we going to the music store?”

                “I ordered a new H.I.M. poster and I just got an email saying that it was there.”  Bam slumped into the seat.

                “Don’t you have too many H.I.M. posters?”

                “There’s no such thing Dunn!”  Bam exclaimed overdramatically.

                Dunn just shook his head.  Bam still had six posters of the cover of Razorblade Romance in his room and then another picture of the album cover off to the side somewhere.  He still believed that something had been going on between him and Ville before Bam decided to get married to Missy.

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